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Reauthorisation product demo

Published   6 April 2023     Less than to read

This guide documents how Sage Business Cloud Accounting have exposed the Banking Service reauthorisation functionality to their users.


Note: This experience can differ across Sage products. This is an example of how reauthorisation is achieved in a product.

1. Alert to reuthorisation

Sage Business Cloud Accounting alerts the user that an account requires reauthorisation in the context of their bank account. A user is shown an alert icon, including tooltip messaging. The message explains how reauthorisation works, and to reconnect.

Screenshot of SBCA bank rules 1.

Users are notified in product that they’ll not receive bank feed transactions until they reauthorise their account. They’ll receive this notification while in the context for their bank account transactions.

Screenshot of SBCA bank rules 2.

2. Enter credentials

Depending on the bank the user is connected to, there can be various reauthorisation steps. The most common reauthorisation method is re-entering their banking credentials. Other options include choosing to continue to extend their authorisation consent.

Screenshot of SBCA bank rules 3.

3. Reauthorised

When the user has followed the steps to reauthorise their account, Banking Service will notify the product the account is reconnected and returned to an active state. The window is then closed and the product gets the latest transactions for the user.

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