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Generate bank payment files

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To generate a bank payment file, a Sage application needs to format payment details as JSON in the bank payment file. This can then be submitted to Payments Out Service.

For information about what countries and applications are supported by Payments Out Service, go to Products integrated with Payments Out Service.

Generate bank payment file flow

How to generate a bank payment file

Onboard to the Sage Authentication Service

Your application needs to be onboarded to the authentication service so you can get access tokens. These are used for singing requests to the consumer API.

Find out more about onboarding an application.

Retrieve definitions of supported bank payment file formats

Each definition has a file format ID. This is the fileFormatId parameter. The Sage application needs to specify this when creating a batch of payments to convert to a bank payment file.

Take a look at the retrieve all payment file formats endpoint for more information, or look at our guide.

Create a batch of payments to generate a bank payment file

Your Sage application needs to include the ID of the target bank payment file format in the fileFormatId parameter.

Learn more about creating a batch of payments.

Check the batch status

You’ll need to check the batch status so you know when you can download the payment file.

Go to our guide on checking the batch status to find out more.

Download the bank payment file

The URL to download your bank payment file is only valid for 5 minutes.

Find out how to download your bank payment file.