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Property Name Type Description isWritable
_access [_OutputAccessBinding]   no
_sortValue Int   no
_customData Json   no
_sourceId String   no
_id Id   no
purchaseRequisition PurchaseRequisition_node   no
receivingSite Site_node   no
item Item_node   no
itemImage _OutputBinaryStream   no
requestedItemDescription String   no
needByDate Date   no
supplier Supplier_node   no
currency Currency_node   no
changeRequestedDescription String   no
approvalStatus PurchaseDocumentApprovalStatus   no
purchaseOrderLines PurchaseRequisitionLineToPurchaseOrderLine_Collection   no
orderedQuantity Decimal   no
orderedQuantityInStockUnit Decimal   no
storedDimensions Json   no
storedAttributes Json   no
computedAttributes Json   no
orderedPercentage Decimal   no
internalNote _OutputTextStream   no
_etag String   no
purchaseUnit UnitOfMeasure_node   no
stockUnit UnitOfMeasure_node   no
purchaseUnitToStockUnitConversionFactor Decimal   no
quantity Decimal   no
quantityInStockUnit Decimal   no
grossPrice Decimal   no
quantityToOrder Decimal   no
quantityToOrderInStockUnit Decimal   no
priceOrigin PriceOrigin   no
discountCharges PurchaseRequisitionLineDiscountCharge_Collection   no
discount Decimal   no
charge Decimal   no
netPrice Decimal   no
lineOrderStatus PurchaseRequisitionOrderStatus   no
totalTaxExcludedAmount Decimal   no
lineStatus PurchaseDocumentStatus   no
_createStamp Datetime   no
_updateStamp Datetime   no

Custom Queries

asyncExport : PurchaseRequisitionLine_Connection_asyncExport

Custom Mutations

closeLine : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
purchaseRequisitionLine IntReference  

applyDefaultSupplier : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
purchaseRequisitionLine IntReference  
supplier IntReference  
quantity Decimal  
grossPrice Decimal  
netPrice Decimal  
totalTaxExcludedAmount Decimal  
priceOrigin PriceOrigin_EnumInput  

setDimension : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
purchaseRequisitionLine IntReference  
storedDimensions String  
storedAttributes String  

asyncExport : PurchaseRequisitionLine_Mutations_asyncExport

Custom Type