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4. Go live and support

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Your go-live dates

Your go-live dates may include the following:

  • Provider internal testing completion
  • Sage service testing
  • Product integration testing (end to end)
  • Promotion to production environment
  • Customer communications

Confirm with your Enablement engineer any updates to your roadmap.

Go-live approval process

Before we approve your provider integration, we will complete:

  • Scheduling and an agreed frequency of transaction pushes
  • Payments Acceptance Service testing of provider flows
  • Error handling tests
  • End-to-end testing with Sage products
  • Security checks
  • Production environment preparation

Promoting to production environments

After the go-live approval process is complete, we’ll coordinate a strategy for promoting to production.

This may include:

  • Synchronising production releases
  • Providing new endpoints for production
  • Scheduling customer communication

Service and incident management

We have incident management processes for customers experiencing issues with their services. It will be necessary to establish the following:

  • Escalation process for issues such as:
    • Onboarding
    • Authentication
    • Data
  • Provider support service-level agreement
  • Ticketing systems/portal availability

Help and technical support

After go-live, you will still be able to contact us for help and technical support.

You should raise a ticket through the agreed support channels for issues such as:

  • Supporting new features
  • Live incident issues
  • Customer data issues
  • Scheduled service downtime and maintenance
  • Unplanned service downtime
  • Deprecation of service

Successful integration

You have now integrated with Payments Acceptance Service.

Contact us through the agreed channels for any further support or enquiries.

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