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Sage Payments Acceptance Service

What is the Payments Acceptance Service?

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The Payments Acceptance Service offers payment options to businesses using Sage applications by allowing them to accept and receive payments easily.

Payments Acceptance Service

  • Search supported payment providers
  • Simple customer onboarding
  • Create invoice with Pay Now button included
  • Supports partial payments funcionality
  • Apply settlement discounts & credit notes
  • Automatically retrieve updates on each payment status
Improved Workflow

Automate incoming payments

With a streamlined payment acceptance process and automated reconciliation, businesses save hours by eliminating manual tasks.

Saves time

Get paid faster

With customers able to make payments immediately with the simple click of a button, business owners can get paid quicker.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Businesses get complete visibility into the status of their invoices, allowing them to easily track what is owed and chase payments effortlessly.

Increased accuracy

Fully compliant

Sage partners with market-leading payments providers including Stripe and PayPal for compliant payments processing.

Invoice payments

How would a user onboard with the Sage Payments Acceptance Service and begin to use the benefits.

1. Create an invoice

Create a personalized invoice within Sage and email it to your customer with a Pay Now button included.

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2. Get paid

Customer receiving the invoice can pay it online immediately through debit card, credit card or pre-authorized debit.

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3. Check invoice

Check whether invoices have been paid with real-time updates.

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4. Reconcile your records

Once the payment has been made, the invoice is automatically marked paid and the transaction is reconciled in your general ledger.

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