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What is Payments Acceptance Service?

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The Sage Payments Acceptance Service lets you create invoices and take online payments from customers. It offers payment options to businesses using Sage applications.

Through a Sage application, users can onboard with payment providers, and create an invoice. This is synchronised to the Payments Acceptance Service. The invoice is then emailed to the customers.

The email has a unique and secure URL customers can use to pay their invoice.

Payments Acceptance Service capabilities

Coverage of Payments Acceptance Service

Our Provider API allows payment facilitators to add their services to the Payments Acceptance Service.

After integrating, a partner will appear in the Sage Marketplace. Here, functionality and market coverage information help customers onboard to their platform.

Partners can send and receive payment requests for customers when they process an invoice or payment. The partner updates Sage with the transaction status, allowing full reconciliation.

Products integrated with Payments Acceptance Service

A range of global Sage products are integrated with Payments Acceptance Service.

Sage 50

Sage 50 is integrated with Payments Acceptance Service in the following regions:

  • Canada – Sage 50c CA
  • France – Sage 50c FR
  • Germany – Sage 50c DE
  • UK and Ireland – Sage 50c UKI
  • USA – Sage 50c US

Sage 200

Sage 200 is integrated with Payments Acceptance Service in the following regions:

  • Africa and Middle East – Sage 300
  • Asia – Sage 300
  • Australia and New Zealand – Sage 300
  • Canada – Sage 300
  • France – Sage 100c FR
  • Germany – Sage 100c DE
  • UK and Ireland – Sage 200c UKI
  • USA – Sage 300


The Payments Acceptance Service has 2 APIs, the Consumer API and the Provider API.

Payments Acceptance Service's APIs
  • Consumer API – This lets Sage applications manage invoice payments by payment providers. The Consumer API is not exposed publicly.

  • Provider API – This lets payment providers onboard businesses wanting to use their service. It also lets them process the invoice payments made by their customers.

The Provider API

The Provider API is available to payment providers around the world. 3rd parties can integrate with services and endpoints exposed by the API. End customers can then use their service to pay invoices.

The Provider API gives payment processors the tools they need to create a connector.

Find out more about the Provider API.