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Submit a batch of payments to generate bank file

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To submit a batch of payments to Payments Out Service, send a POST request with the following headers and body.

Payments Out Service retains a submitted batch of payments for 35 days. After that period, the batch is automatically deleted.


POST /v3/batchpayments HTTP/1.1
x-idempotency-key: {idempotency key}
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {access token}
x-fapi-interaction-id: {UUID}


  • {idempotency key} is an arbitrary unique value such as a GUID, serving as an idempotency key. Your request is processed only once for each idempotency key. An idempotency key is valid for 10 minutes.

  • Bearer {access token} is the authorisation string for your request, where {access token} is a valid token created using the companyId of the company you want to submit a batch of payments for.

  • {UUID} is a Universally Unique Identifier to write into logs. This value is used to debug your application’s integration with Payments Out Service. Use a new UUID for each request. UUIDs must conform to RFC 4122.

For more information about this REST resource and its parameters, go to the Consumer API reference.


The body must contain JSON that meets the requirements you received in get definitions of supported file formats.

You need to consider these limitations:

  • The maximum number of payments in a batch can not exceed 2000. The maximum number of payments supported by a particular file format can be less than 2000.
  • The maximum size of the request body that includes a batch of payments can not exceed 5MB.

Example body

You can find example bodies for a range of Australian and UK banks in the lists.



Example response

Once your batch of payments is submitted, its status is set to Received.

Use the URL in the self element to check the status of the submitted batch of payments. For more information, go to check batch status.

Take a look at an example response.