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Property Name Type Description isWritable
_access [_OutputAccessBinding]   no
_sortValue Int   no
_customData Json   no
_sourceId String   no
_id Id   no
journalEntry JournalEntry_node   no
financialSite Site_node   no
chartOfAccount ChartOfAccount_node   no
tax Tax_node   no
taxDate Date   no
taxRate Decimal   no
deductibleTaxRate Decimal   no
taxExternalReference String   no
transactionCurrency Currency_node   no
inquiryTransactionCurrency Currency_node   no
companyCurrency Currency_node   no
companyFxRate Decimal   no
companyFxRateDivisor Decimal   no
financialSiteCurrency Currency_node   no
financialSiteFxRate Decimal   no
financialSiteFxRateDivisor Decimal   no
fxRateDate Date   no
rateDescription String   no
account Account_node   no
businessEntity BusinessEntity_node   no
sign Sign   no
numericSign Int   no
blank String   no
transactionAmount Decimal   no
transactionCredit Decimal   no
transactionDebit Decimal   no
signedTransactionAmount Decimal   no
companyAmount Decimal   no
companyCredit Decimal   no
companyDebit Decimal   no
financialSiteAmount Decimal   no
financialSiteCredit Decimal   no
financialSiteDebit Decimal   no
description String   no
inquiryDescription String   no
commonReference String   no
attributesAndDimensions JournalEntryLineDimension_Collection   no
dueDate Date   no
validationDate Date   no
accountingStagingLines JournalEntryLineStaging_Collection   no
financialSiteAttribute Site_node   no
businessSiteAttribute Site_node   no
stockSiteAttribute Site_node   no
manufacturingSiteAttribute Site_node   no
customerAttribute Customer_node   no
supplierAttribute Supplier_node   no
projectAttribute Attribute_node   no
employeeAttribute Attribute_node   no
itemAttribute Item_node   no
dimension01 Dimension_node   no
dimension02 Dimension_node   no
dimension03 Dimension_node   no
dimension04 Dimension_node   no
dimension05 Dimension_node   no
dimension06 Dimension_node   no
dimension07 Dimension_node   no
dimension08 Dimension_node   no
dimension09 Dimension_node   no
dimension10 Dimension_node   no
dimension11 Dimension_node   no
dimension12 Dimension_node   no
dimension13 Dimension_node   no
dimension14 Dimension_node   no
dimension15 Dimension_node   no
dimension16 Dimension_node   no
dimension17 Dimension_node   no
dimension18 Dimension_node   no
dimension19 Dimension_node   no
dimension20 Dimension_node   no
frpKey String   no
frpEntryType String   no
intacctDocumentLine IntacctJournalEntryLine_node   no
_etag String   no
_createStamp Datetime   no
_updateStamp Datetime   no

Custom Queries

asyncExport : JournalEntryLine_Connection_asyncExport

Custom Mutations

asyncExport : JournalEntryLine_Mutations_asyncExport