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Property Name Type Description isWritable
_access [_OutputAccessBinding]   no
_customData Json   yes
_sourceId String   yes
_id Id   yes
number String   yes
supplier Supplier_node   yes
billBySupplier Supplier_node   yes
currency Currency_node   yes
transactionCurrency Currency_node   no
paymentTerm PaymentTerm_node   yes
text _OutputTextStream   yes
totalTaxAmount Decimal   yes
totalTaxableAmount Decimal   yes
totalExemptAmount Decimal   yes
taxCalculationStatus TaxCalculationStatus   yes
taxEngine TaxEngine   no
totalTaxAmountAdjusted Decimal   yes
internalNote _OutputTextStream   yes
externalNote _OutputTextStream   yes
isExternalNote Boolean   yes
isTransferHeaderNote Boolean   yes
isTransferLineNote Boolean   yes
returnSite Site_node   yes
returnRequestDate Date   yes
effectiveDate Date   no
supplierDocumentNumber String   yes
supplierAddress Address_node   yes
returnToAddress Address_node   yes
approvalStatus PurchaseDocumentApprovalStatus   yes
supplierReturnReference String   yes
changeRequestDescription String   yes
financeIntegrationStatus FinanceIntegrationStatus   no
_etag String   yes
site Site_node   yes
siteAddress Address_node   yes
businessEntityAddress BusinessEntityAddress_node   yes
stockSite Site_node   yes
companyCurrency Currency_node   no
fxRateDate Date   yes
financialSite Site_node   no
companyFxRate Decimal   yes
companyFxRateDivisor Decimal   yes
anyLines BasePurchaseDocumentLine_Collection   yes
lines PurchaseReturnLine_Collection   yes
invoiceStatus PurchaseReturnInvoiceStatus   yes
stockTransactionStatus StockDocumentTransactionStatus   no
totalAmountIncludingTaxInCompanyCurrency Decimal   no
shippingStatus PurchaseReturnShippingStatus   yes
allocationStatus StockAllocationStatus   no
creditStatus PurchaseReturnCreditStatus   no
status PurchaseDocumentStatus_enum   yes
rateDescription String   no
totalAmountExcludingTax Decimal   yes
totalAmountExcludingTaxInCompanyCurrency Decimal   yes
anyTaxes PurchaseDocumentTax_Collection   yes
taxes PurchaseDocumentTax_Collection   yes
totalAmountIncludingTax Decimal   no
displayStatus PurchaseReturnDisplayStatus   yes
returnItems Boolean   yes
_constructor String   yes
_createStamp Datetime   no
_updateStamp Datetime   no

Custom Queries

getDuplicate : PurchaseReturn

Property Type Description
_id Id  

asyncExport : PurchaseReturn_Connection_asyncExport

Custom Mutations

bulkUpdate : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
filter String  
data PurchaseReturn_Input  

createPurchaseInvoice : String

Mutation Type Description
purchaseReturnNumber String  

post : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
purchaseReturn IntReference  

repost : PurchaseReturnRepostReturn

Mutation Type Description
purchaseReturn IntReference  
documentLines # PurchaseReturnRepostDocumentLines_Input  

close : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
purchaseReturn IntReference  

approve : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
purchaseReturnNumber String  
toBeApproved Boolean  

submitForApproval : Boolean

Mutation Type Description
purchaseReturn IntReference  

asyncExport : PurchaseReturn_Mutations_asyncExport

Custom Type





Query Type Description
baseDocumentLineSysId IntOrString  
storedAttributes Json  
storedDimensions Json  


Query Type Description
wasSuccessful Boolean  
message String