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Export file use case

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Before we start, the pairing process between the 3rd party application and X3 configuration should be done with a pair of access and refresh tokens ready to use by the 3rd party application.

In this scenario, we start by set up a batch processing in X3 to export a list of customers. After, we continue with how to use data delivery API to download the output file of this batch processing, then, to delete the downloaded file:

  1. X3 administrator sets up an export for 3rd party application.
  2. X3 exports data for 3rd party application.
  3. 3rd party application queries the endpoint for available files.
  4. 3rd party application downloads the export file.
  5. 3rd party application deletes the downloaded file.

Once a file is succesfully downloaded, 3rd party application has to delete the file by sending an API delete call to the endpoint