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These tutorials aim to help you get up and running quickly by covering key concepts like setting up the API, authenticating for the first time, and using industry standard tools such as Postman to start working with the Sage 200 API.

We recommend starting with our Quick Start Guide first to get you up and running.

Setup and configuration

Guides and tutorials covering the various ways you can configure and set up API access across both Sage 200 Standard and Professional.

Sage 200 Standard

Sage 200 Professional

Using the API

Once you’re all set up, detailed guides on how to work with the API, like authentication and FAQs.

Tools and Samples

We have a number of sample applications to help you get up to speed as fast as possible, and will be adding to these in the future. We also have an API Test tool that you can use to quickly run tests to verify your API site has been set up correctly.

Sample apps


Microsoft Power Platform

Get started using the Sage 200 API in conjunction with the Microsoft Power platform for reporting and more.