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Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations

Configure your tenant to accept incoming APIs

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Once you have registered your application in the Sage App registry, you need to obtain access to Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (SDMO) tenants.

To obtain access, you need to have an API user created in the Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations application for each tenant you need access to.

If you already have a tenant, you can create this user yourself.

If you want to connect to the tenant of one of your customers, you need to ask your customer to grant you access by creating a user in their tenant.

The user must respect the naming of the tenant so it can be linked to your application. For more information, see the procedure below:

  1. Connect to the application.
  2. Go to Administration > Users and security > Users.
  3. Select Create.
  4. Enter the First name and Last name. Sage recommends setting an element that allows you to recognize the third-party application.
  5. Enable API user by selecting the checkbox next to the email.
  6. Set an email with the following format: api-@localhost.domain</code></b> where applicationId is the ID of the application developer as created on Sage App Registry, e.g., if your applicationId is 123456, then your email must be [email protected].

Once you have registered at and have been granted access to the application, you can use the token API to access the application.

To fetch an access token, you need the credentials from and the tenant ID you want to access.