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Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations

Get your developer credentials

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  1. Access to the Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (SDMO) apps is done by getting your developer credentials. To get those credentials, you need to have a Sage ID.

  2. If you connect to Sage App Registry, the system asks for your Sage ID. If you don’t have a Sage ID, you need to create one to proceed.

  3. Once authenticated, you enter the Sage App Registry portal.

  4. The Sage App Registry portal allows you to create a workspace. A workspace is an organization that owns the applications you want to use. The name of the workspace should be the one you work for as a developer.

  5. You need to enter a workspace name and your email address in order to create a workspace.

  6. If your workspace has already been created, you must select it from the list of companies you own.

  7. After selecting your workspace, you can enter the Applications page. On the Application List page, you can create your first application.

  8. To create your first application, head to the Applications page and click Add Application. A popup appears.

  9. To create an application, you need to insert the name of the application to be consumed by the GraphQL API, a URL for the homepage, and an email address for a contact.

  10. After the application is created, you can find it on the Applications page.

  11. If you select an application from the Applications page, a page showing the details of the application you selected is available.

  12. From there, you can create API Credentials to connect your application. If you click Create API keys, a popup appears.

  13. The popup allows you to select the product you want to get an API Key for. Make sure you select Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations.

  14. After selecting the product, you need to provide two additional URLs. The additional URLs need to be provided but are not used in this case.

  15. Click Create to proceed.

  16. After the API is created, you can retrieve the API Credentials.

  17. You can retrieve the API credentials by selecting an application from the Application List and clicking an API Key.

  18. You need to store the The API Credentials - Client ID and Secret Key - in a safe place. A copy button is available to copy each text to the clipboard.

  19. Storing the API Credentials in a safe place allows you to connect and use the APIs on a tenant.

  20. You can use API Credentials to connect to the application.