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Packages hierarchy

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The GraphQL schema is organized into packages. Any query or mutation operation performed within the schema targets nodes.

Nodes are assigned to a package. The most frequent packages are defined below:

Package Nodes
xtremSystem company, site
xtremStructure chartOfAccount, country
xtremMasterData All the addresses and contacts, businessEntity, customer, currency, exchangeRate, item and all item related entities, location, paymentTerm, resource, supplier, unitOfMeasure…
xtremStockData All stock-related entities (stock journal, lots, stockDetail, and so on)
xtremTax All tax related entities
xtremFinanceData Account, attribute, bankAccount, dimension, journal, and so on
xtremFinance Finance documents (account payable and receivable, open items, journal entries, and so on)
xtremPurchasing Purchase documents (requisition, return, order, receipts, invoices including related addresses, contacts, and so on)
xtremSales Sales documents (order, shipment, returns, invoices, credit memos, including related addresses, contacts, and so on)
xtremTechnicalData billOfMaterial, routing, operation, and all related entities
xtremManufacturing workOrder and all related entities, tracking entities, and so on
xtremStock Stock documents (issues, receipts, counts, valuation, and so on)