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Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations

Access to properties

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A property can be accessed by its name in the scheme.

In a filter, a condition is written with the following syntax:

filter("{property: { operator : value}}")

In this syntax:

  • Property is the property name if the property is at the first level of the query
  • Operator is the operation performed with the query.
  • Value can be a numeric value, a string between simple quotes, or one of the True or False keywords if the field is a Boolean.

The following example uses the _lt operator:

filter:"{totalTaxAmount: { _lt: 1000}}"

When a property is nested, curly brackets are nested to define the path of the property. For example:

filter:"{billBySupplier:{ groupSupplier: {category: {currency: {code: 'EUR'}}}}}"