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API Setup and Responsibilities

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We have created this new content to help you identify who is responsible for information that may be required as part of the setup of the API for Sage 200 Professional.


API Responsibility


When it comes to the use of the Sage 200 API there are several considerations that need to be made before contacting us to onboard your Microsoft 365 subscription with Sage 200.

These responsibilities include:

  • You have the correct and supported licence type
  • You are responsible for the administration of your Microsoft 365 tenant (unless otherwise agreed with a 3rd party).
  • Any information requested by your Business Partner is accurate to the best of your knowledge.


As you are the contact between your customer and Sage, it is vital that you have the correct information to hand before calling us. Your responsibility includes:

  1. Your customer has the correct licence type associated to the account they wish to use when onboarding for Microsoft 365. Read more >
  2. The prerequisites section have been checked before calling Business Partner Sales to add the existing registration to your customers account. Read more >
  3. It is your responsibility to handle the API setup from start to finish. This includes speaking to Business Partner Sales to add the licence and Sage 200 Technical support for any set up queries and should the API status be set to PendingAuthorisation. Read more >
  4. Make sure the client is aware of the implications of not using an admin@*** email address. Read more >
  5. Any cases or calls are made to the correct department:


Once the API has been set up and confirmed to be working, it is then the responsibility of the customer/third party developer/in house developer to maintain and update the API.

To support you with the API please review the following guides:

If you have problems in doing so, plesae contact developer services by:

If there are any set up problems and this has been identified by our Developer Support team, you must raise a ticket with Sage 200 Technical Support detailing the error message and set up of the Sage 200 API.

Sage Responsibility

Business Partner Sales

They are responsible for adding on the existing Microsoft 365 agreement to your or your clients account. Business Partners must speak to them if they wish to add the registration to their own or their clients’ accounts.


Note: Please note that if you are going to be activating the API for Sage 200 Summer 2018 Enhancements or above, you do not need to have the API module enabled on your subscription.

Before calling, ensure you have checked that you have a supported Microsoft 365 subscription.

Contact details for Business Parnter Sales:

Telephone Number: 0191 479 5933

Technical Support

They are responsible for assisting you with any set up queries or problems you may have when it comes to setting up the Native API tunnel.

Technical Support can also resend any registration emails that may have been missed or gone to spam. They can also check the status of the onboarding and which email address this has been onboarded with and change the email the onboarding emails are sent to.


Note: Technical Support is unable to assist with any queries relating to the endpoints.

Technical support are also responsible for enabling the API if the status within System Administration is set to PendingAuthorisation. Business Partners will have to speak to them for their own setup or on behalf of their client.
You must have the following details before calling:

  • Account Number/Serial number of the client you’re calling about
  • The full site name that is listed in System Administration
  • The site URL that is listed in System Administration
  • The email address that was used during the setup of the Native API tunnel

Contact details for Technical Support:

Developer Support

Developer Support can assist with any queries relating to the API once this has been successfully set up, including endpoints and errors. Developer support will refer any cases back to technical support where it becomes apparent the setup is incorrect or onboarding has not been completed.

Contact details for Developer Support: