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Sage 200 Standard - How to setup the API

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The API for Sage 200 Standard is enabled by default. All that is required is a Sage ID to be able to query the API. Any user who has been set up within the Sage Provisioning Portal as a user and has been assigned to a site is automatically an API user.

Setup Users

  1. To setup a user in the Sage Provisioning Portal please follow the in product documentation here.

  2. Once the user has accepted the terms and conditions, they must be assigned to the site. To assign a user to a site please follow the information provided here.

  3. When the user has been assigned to the site, company access and user access must be given to this user. To provide company and user access to the user please follow the information here.

  4. To confirm the user has been configured correctly we have an API test tool to ensure that you are returning sites. The download and instructions for the API test tool be found here.

Get started with the API

To get started querying the API for Sage 200 Standard, please review:

Should you wish to use the Microsoft 365 integration with Sage 200 Standard, which includes the use of Power BI and Power Automate, the process to onboard your Microsoft 365 account can be found here.

Demonstrate the onboarding of Office 365 with Sage 200 Standard Online.

Connecting your Sage 200 Standard Online with your Office 365 tenant.