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What is the Provider API

The Provider API is a set of endpoints on our Banking Service. They allow banks and financial institutions to push transaction data to Sage. Integrating with Banking Service allows Sage customers to see banking data in product and connect bank feeds to performs tasks.

Banking Service is product agnostic. So, customers using a range of products can use this service and connect bank feeds.

Connector API

Solutions integrating with Provider API need to implement the Connector API. While the Provider API is a set of endpoints on our Banking Service, the Connector API is a set of endpoints in your solution which the Banking Service needs to send and receive data. An example of the Connector API is the /notifications endpoint which allows us to notify you of customer onboarding attempts or disconnections.

For more information about Banking Service go to the What is Banking Service? section. If you’re looking for integration with a specific product, be aware that some features may be implemented differently across products.

Image showing the provider and connector API.

Explore the API

Explore by use case

Allow a user to connect their bank account
Set a bank account to require re-authorisation
Connect multiple bank accounts under the same authorsation
Push transactions into the Banking Service.
Allow a user to disconnect their bank account.

Explore by user flow

Discover the Banking Service flows from a user perspective.

User onboarding flow

This video shows you how a user sets up bank feeds in their product and uses the Banking Service. The user experience may vary depending on the Sage product.


Can I onboard users from outside of a Sage product?
Currently the Banking Service does not offer a method for onboarding users outside of a Sage (consuming) product. A user must start the onboarding proccess from within their Sage product. This will allow all consuming Sage products who support the bank's region to connect, and ensures the product, Banking Service and the provider all have the required identifiers for the end-to-end flow to be successful.

You can learn more about this proccess in the Onboarding walkthrough.
Which Sage products are integrated with Banking Service?
You can see a list of our support products on our Supported regions and products page.
Can you provide the steps for a user connecting to a bank within Sage?
The in-product navigation steps to the bank search will differ between products. Some products also support multiple versions and it is possible that navigation steps may vary between versions.
Which Sage products will be able to connect to my bank?
Each product can decide if they support customers linking bank accounts outside of the region of the product. Many of our products in the medium business segment allow for this. You can see a list of our support products on our Supported regions and products page.
Can I see what the flow looks like within a Sage product?
Take a look at the video walkthrough of a user's onboarding journey in Sage Business Cloud Accounting UK.

What’s next?

Go to Stage 2: Get set up to find out what you need to do to get started and set up with Banking Service.

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