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Detailed flow

  1. The 1st thing a user needs to do is to onboard their accounts.
  2. User selects an in-product bank account to link bank feeds to.
  3. They search for the bank and select connect.
  4. Banking Service sends ‘resource created’ notification to provider.
  5. Banking Service calls the provider’s GET /auth endpoint.
  6. The provider generates UI for authentication.
  7. User authorises their account and is returned a list of available accounts by the provider. The user then select the account they want to link.
  8. The provider calls PATCH /authorisations on Provider API, and passes an array of authorised accounts.
  9. The account information is displayed in the UI.
  10. User selects the date they wish to start receiving transactions from and confirms.
  11. A bank account is created in Banking Service.
  12. The details of the bank account are passed to the user’s product to be stored.
  13. Banking Service sends a ‘resource created’ notification to the provider.

Flow diagram displaying the authorisation user flow

What’s next?

Understand how users reauthorise with your soution, through the reauthorisation flow.

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