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Multi-account link

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  1. Depending on the user’s product, they may support the ability to link all accounts under a single authorisation, this is called Multi-account linking.
  2. User launches the Multi-account linking flow to get a list of accounts under same authorisation as account created during Authorisation flow.
  3. A request is made to Banking Service to get all available accounts under the same authorisation.
  4. Banking Service calls the providers GET /availableaccounts endpoint.
  5. The provider returns an array of available accounts under the same authorisation.
  6. This is returned to the user’s product.
  7. User maps in product bank accounts to available accounts.
  8. For each mapped account:
    • A bank account is created in Banking Service.
    • The details of the bank account are passed to the user’s product to be stored.
    • Banking Service sends a ‘resource created’ notification to the provider.

Flow diagram displaying the multi-account linking user flow

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