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Your integration journey into the Sage Banking Service.
Sandbox Environment

Client ID:

Client secret:

API key:

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Kick-off session

A Sage enablement engineer will arrange a kick-off call. In the meantime, you can explore the API and complete the following required items.


Solution design

Mockup and design the user experience for each of the Banking Service flows.
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View the provider flows.



Begin development into the Banking Service. Use the Postman collection and sandbox environment file to produce all the flows from a Sage product and provider perspective.
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View the Postman collection.
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See multi-account link.
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See Posting statements.
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View test plan.

Your Postman environment

Import your sandbox enviroment file into Postman.
Postman environment


Production Credentials

When you're ready to begin production and beta testing, enter your details to obtain your production API keys.


Support and marketing

A Sage enablement engineer will arrange a kick-off call.
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Download our support-model template.

Download the Sage logos partner pack.


Beta testing and launch 🚀

A Sage enablement engineer will arrange a kick-off call.

Frequently asked questions

Can I test in a Sage product?
Currently we do not have a product that allows for testing Banking Service flows from in our sandbox environment. All testing in sandbox must be done through the Postman collection. The collection contains requests from both the Sage product and provider perspective, so all flows can be completed successfully.

In-product testing can occur when moved into prodution beta, an access code will be provided to allow you to complete production testing in the Sage product but prevent customers without an access code from connecting.
Can I onboard users from outside of a Sage product?
Currently, the Banking Service does not offer a method for onboarding users outside of a Sage (consuming) product. A user must start onboarding from their Sage product. This allows all consuming Sage products who support bank region to connect, and ensures the product, Banking Service and the provider all have the required identifiers for the end-to-end flow to be successful.

You can learn more about this proccess in the onboarding walkthrough.
Can you provide the steps for a user connecting to a bank in Sage?
The in-product navigation steps to the bank search differs between products. Some products also support multiple versions and it's possible navigation may vary between versions.
Which Sage products will be able to connect to my bank?
Each product can decide if they support customers linking bank accounts outside of the product region. Many of our products in the medium business segment allow for this. You can see a list of our supported products on the Supported regions and products page.
Can I see what the flow looks like in a Sage product?
Take a look at the video walkthrough of a user's onboarding journey in Sage Business Cloud Accounting UK.
How should we identify and handle accounts which are already connected?
You're not required to keep track of accounts which have already been connected. Banking Service will return an exception to the user if they're attempting to connect an account which already exists in an active state.

This is based on the account identifier and bank identifier fields you provide. This is on a global level which means if an account with these exact fields already exist in the Sage Banking Service it cannot be added – unless they first cancel the one that's linked. This is due to rules around double-entry bookkeeping, where you should only have a bank account linked to a single company.
How do users with multiple companies access each one?
This depends on the Sage product. They handle this differently. For example, in some products you may select your company on start up where others you may have a separate 'installation' for each company.

Start integrating with the Sage Banking Service.

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