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Notifications Reference

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In order to receive notifications from Sage Banking Service via the Notification Service, a consuming application must subscribe to the Notification Service via their API. Consuming apps will receive the notification as a webhook at an endpoint defined in the subscribe request. For testing purposes you can use as the endpoint. A single webhook can contain multiple events (when events are triggered concurrently).


Note: You must use Auth Service to create an organisation, company and then obtain a JWT token. You cannot ue Banking Service POST organisation.


In order to receive webhooks from Notification Service, a consuming application needs to have there applicationId ‘registered’ with Notification Service - this can be done by contacting the Smart Transactions team, and they will run a script to enable your application.

Notification Service Subscribe

You can find an example flow in Banking Service’s shared Postman collection ( in the Banking Cloud Consumer API folder.

Subscription Flow

  1. Create Organisation (Auth service)
  2. Create a Company (Auth service)
  3. Create a JWT token for this Company (Auth service)
  4. Create a subscription for this Company (Notification Service)

BankAccountCreated Notification

Once you have created a subscription to the Banking Service, the ‘bankAccountCreated’ event can be triggered. This occurs when a user follows the usual bank feeds onboarding flow through consumer API. Once a bank account has been posted successfully, the event will be sent to Notification Service for consumption.

An optional query parameter can be included while calling the /indirectlinkaccount endpoint, for example: /indirectlinkaccount?bankid=somebankid&e2e=someidentiferhere. The e2e parameter allows clients to provide an identifier which then offers identification for that particular onboarding, and is included in the details posted to Datamesh.

Webhook Fields

  • Source: This should match the source value in your subscribe post. Environment values [prod01/dev01/pre01/snd01] i.e bnkc-.
  • Type: The type of webhook, currently only ‘bankAccountCreated’ is available.
  • Subject: This will be the ‘e2e’ paramter you have provided (in any other events other then bankAccountCreated this will be bankAccountId).
  • ResourceType: Currently only bankAccountCreated available.
  • NetworkId: applicationId + subject.


    "Id": "00e93fca-c57b-61f5-489e-bd1e8fd62543",
    "Source": "bnkc-dev03",
    "SpecVersion": "1.0",
    "Type": "bankAccountCreated",
    "Subject": "a2ec48d7-7271-49aa-9115-d3335f5c3bfd",
    "DataContentType": "application/json",
    "Data": {
        "TraceParent": "00-914841aac850ddf67e255c596b06a779-461dd5628b459dda-00",
        "SubscriptionId": "9ce0c1da-ae8c-4484-ade7-eee790a882d7",
        "NetworkId": "sage.sbc.accounts+a2ec48d7-7271-49aa-9115-d3335f5c3bfd",
        "ResourceType": "bankAccountCreated",
        "ExpirationDateTime": null,
        "ServiceAttributes": {
            "CompanyId": "5ea56bc8-073b-4893-8066-485042c6a6da"

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