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API Specification

At any given time, our API Reference provides detail of the full API. Refer to this to understand how the API calls and responses will look when implemented. The endpoints correspond to the domain model and business flow of interactions that you can expect with Banking Service. All data is in JSON format.

Swagger Document (primarily for Web Products)

Our Swagger document is deployed on our QA environment. This provides up-to-date implementation detail on how the API currently works. This should be used as the primary reference for how things currently are when integrating with the platform.

Terms and Conditions

As part of the in-product onboarding process, a customer is required to agree to the Banking Service terms and conditions. Please refer to the T&Cs documentation on Teams for the text that needs to be displayed to the customer. Onboarding should not proceed until the customer has agreed to these.



Important: your product is responsible for controlling the entitlement of Banking Service to a customer. This will not be controlled by the Banking Service platform (or indirectly by the Sage Token Service).

Dynamic Implementation (Web Products)

In order to support the frequent introduction of new banks that are supported by the Banking Service platform, the in-product onboarding experience should not be bank specific; it should be developed using a dynamic implementation/UI that doesn’t require any changes to the product; the API provides the means to achieve this. More information around this can be found in Use cases.

Storing ‘Last Transaction ID’

Product teams need to implement a robust mechanism to retrieve and store the latest transaction ID in order to support the disaster recovery process. More information around this can be found in Use cases.