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Transaction import overview

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Banking Service transaction import allows customers to import banking data using a range of different file formats. If the customer is unable to connect to a feed they can import into a placeholder account. This can later be connected to a feed when it becomes available.

They can also ‘top up’ an account connected to a feed. Transaction import helps customers save time, allowing them to import transactions which may have previously been entered manually. Rules can be applied to transactions, further reducing manual processing.

The transactions created in Banking Service follow the same schema as transactions generated from a bank feed. So it’s easier for products who have already integrated with Banking Service to later support file import.

Use cases

  1. A customer’s bank or account type is not supported and they’re waiting for a feed to become available.
  2. A customer has an internal account, such as petty cash, where a feed would not be available but they do not wish to manually input transactions into their Sage software.
  3. A customer has connected a feed and they wish to ‘top up’ transactions prior to the first transaction available from the bank.
  4. A customer has connected a feed but there is unexpected downtime, they wish ‘top up’ transactions which are currently unavailable directly from the bank to allow them to continue with business processes.

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