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Placeholder bank account

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If a user does not currently have a bank account already in Banking Service, a placeholder bank account can be created for them in the specified region. Placeholder banks allow customers to use Banking Service functionality and upload transactions if their bank is not currently available.

Create the placeholder bank account

Before loading the common UI you need to create the placeholder account in Banking Service. Call the POST /bankaccounts endpoint passing your specified region bankId. A bankAccountId is then returned to create your common UI URL.

POST /bankaccounts

Consumer APIConsumer -> Banking Service

When posting the placeholder bank account you are only required to pass in the bankId for the region of the placeholder bank needed. The account type, bankIdentifier and accountIdentifier fields are not mandatory when using the bank IDs listed:

EU: {
    GBR: '168efa64-5317-4607-b1d5-1e66eb8c3cda',
    IRL: 'a0b87b97-040d-4aec-9fef-e3089c84c5c0',
    ESP: 'a3c89903-f856-45ed-afc4-d1d167cbe54e',
    FRA: 'addc9964-fc0a-4659-9b84-d2754d0ae7d2',
    ZAF: 'ba7aacec-b1dd-4ead-88bb-1983ff2139d4'
US: {
    USA: '03eba306-fd5d-41a3-ad55-c14eb3097ac3',
    CAN: 'bdb4b70c-ffac-43b7-b8ee-b2497da4ebef',
    AUS: 'd8c60420-dd28-4a26-a9a9-e9ed43ce7933',
    MYS: '54364e55-75c2-4bf2-ad21-a6c65191be75'

Example request body


Example response body

    "bankId": "bdb4b70c-ffac-43b7-b8ee-b2497da4ebef",
    "users": [],
    "bankIdentifier": "bdb4b70c-ffac-43b7-b8ee-b2497da4ebef",
    "accountIdentifier": "38bab595-3a3e-440c-aff6-e06a89ed6778",
    "accountType": "DEBIT",
    "branchIdentifier": "Sage Transaction Import",
    "defaultCurrency": "CAD",
    "statusReason": "standardAuthentication",
    "statusReasonModifiedDate": null,
    "dataProvider": "indirect",
    "authAlwaysRequired": false,
    "aggregatorId": "transactionImport",
    "aggregatorName": "generic-transactionImport",
    "requestedStartDate": "2022-06-28T11:30:00.000Z",
    "company": {
        "companyId": "4085b8ff-0afb-aab1-2e54-c39ee46cbc6e",
        "companyName": "TestCompany",
        "vatNumber": "123456789"
    "accountant": {
        "accountantManaged": "none",
        "accountantCompanyId": null
    "heldTransactions": 0,
    "clientAuthorisationToken": null,
    "status": "pending",
    "statusModifiedDate": "2022-06-28T11:56:43.606Z",
    "accountTypes": {},
    "feedSource": "automatic",
    "providerError": {
        "code": null,
        "message": null,
        "date": null
    "ledgerBalanceAmount": 0,
    "ledgerBalanceDate": "2022-06-28T11:56:43.606Z",
    "availableBalanceAmount": 0,
    "availableBalanceDate": "2022-06-28T11:56:43.606Z",
    "lastTransactionsReceived": null,
    "lastUpdatedByProvider": null,
    "firstTransactionDate": null,
    "lastTransactionDate": null,
    "firstTransactionsReceived": null,
    "featureOptions": {
        "disableRuleWildcards": true,
        "autoCreateRules": false,
        "applyTransactionNarrativeMatching": false,
        "isPlaceholder": false,
        "allowCorrections": false,
        "allowMultiAccountLinking": false,
        "disableAutomaticRefresh": false,
        "allowManualUpload": false
    "capabilities": {
        "manualRefresh": false
    "bankAccountId": "38bab595-3a3e-440c-aff6-e06a89ed6778",
    "bankAuthorisation": {
        "bankId": "bdb4b70c-ffac-43b7-b8ee-b2497da4ebef",
        "direct": "Placeholder Bank to allow the on-boarding of bank accounts to use with the TransactionImport connector via Provider API."


This guide has explored how to create a placeholder account for customers wishing to use Banking Service functionality when their bank is not currently available.

What’s next?

After the placeholder bank has been created you can begin the transaction import flow either through integrating with the Common UI or Direct with the API.

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