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Transaction import object

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Transaction import object

There are 2 GET endpoints to make use of when requesting information from the transaction import object.

[Domain URL]/api-v1/organisations/{consumer_organisationId}/companies/{consumer_companyId}/imports/{consumer_post_import_id}

The GET single endpoint will retrieve a single transaction import based on the Transaction Import ID.

[Domain URL]/api-v1/organisations/{consumer_organisationId}/companies/{consumer_companyId}/imports

The GET all for company endpoint will return an array of transaction imports for a given Company ID.

    _id: "11111-00000-00000-00000-22222", // Transaction Import ID
    dataSource: "some data supplier", // The name of the supplier who provided the transaction data
    companyId: "aaaaa-00000-00000-00000-bbbbb", // Company ID
    organisationId: "ccccc-12345-00000-00000-ddddd", // Organisation ID
    bankId: "11111-22222-33333-44444-55555", // Bank ID
    fileFormat: "CAMT053", // The file type of the transaction import
    fileName: "april_imports.CAMT053", // The file type of the transaction import
    fileUploaded: true, // A boolean value to represent the file being uploaded
    reviewLevel: "fullReview", // Specifies the review level of the transaction import
    description: "John Doe - Uploading transactions for the last 2 weeks of April 2020", // The comment field from the Common UI when uploading a file
    status: "complete", // The current status of the transaction import
    dateStyle: "littleEndian", // The date style used, see the 'mandatory fields' page for more info
    apiType: "multi", // Can be either single or multi. See the 'mandatory fields' guide for more info
        bankAccounts: [
                accountIdentifier: "SE376000000000048112451",
                id: "1ce96c9c-07ed-418f-a6cb-eefa57c6579a",
                transactionSign: "original", // Can be reversed or original. See the flip transactions guide for more info.
                countryCode: "GBR",
                bankIdentifier: ""
    statusMonitor: {
        pollAttempts: 4, // The number of times the Status Monitor has polled against Provider API
        pollFirstAttempt: "2021-01-21T10:13:22Z" // The date and time of the first poll attempt
        pollLastAttempt: "2021-01-21T12:25:36Z" // The date and time of the last poll attempt
    s3FilePath: "test/aaaaa-00000-00000-00000-bbbbb/11111-00000-00000-00000-22222", // The file path for the transaction file.
    statement: {
        id: "aaaaa-bbbbb-ccccc-ddddd-eeeee", // The ID generated by Provider API for the statement batch we are submitting
        summary: {
            transactionCount: 370, // The number of transactions uploaded as part of this statement
            transactionDebitSum: 2698, // The sum of all debits uploaded as part of this statement
            transactionCreditSum: 1675, // The sum of all credits uploaded as part of this statement
            transactionRangeStartDate: "2020-02-18T10:13:22Z", // The earliest datePosted date within a batch of transactions
            transactionRangeEndDate: "2020-12-23T13:22:19Z", // The latest datePosted date within a batch of transactions
    errorDetails: [
            severity: "error", // The type of error (error, warn, info)
            target: "File", // A JSONPath expression which indicates the location of the error
            message: "Invalid data", // An optional friendly value which gives a detailed description of the error
            code: "InvalidSourceData", // A summary description of the error