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Contact Statements

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Contact statements are available in the Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Accounting plus tiers of subscription and allow customer statements to be sent in a selected format to a selected contact person and contact address. Statements are not available for supplier/vendor contacts.

If you’re not familiar with the contact and address relationships in Sage Business Cloud Accounting we suggest you read our guide contact and address relationships before continuing with this guide.

What is a customer statement

A customer statement is a report that can be ran and sent to customers highlighting the current balance/status of a customer account including any outstanding/overdue invoices which require payment.

We’ve provided a separate help document which guides users through the options and setup of customer statements. Customer Statements.

Customer Statement API exposure

Statement settings are exposed via individual attribute values in the contacts API which provides the ability to set:

  • send_statements - boolean contacts API
  • statement_run_id - enum contacts API which can be either:
    • statement_delivery_method_email - Sent by email
    • statement_delivery_method_print - By post (PDF Generated)

Statement Contact and Address

The Sage Business Cloud Accounting UI provides the user with dropdown selectors to select a contact_person and address. By default this will show the main contact_person and main_address. Access to this is currently unavailable via the API and would need to be set in the UI if the default required changing.