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Create your First Request

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Using Postman, you can create your first request to the Accounting API. The requests used in this Quick Start Guide are available as a Postman collection. Click Run in Postman to load the collection into Postman. We recommend using the Postman desktop app.

Run in Postman

Or, manually import the Postman collections

  1. Download the Postman collections for Contact Endpoints.

  2. Open Postman and click Import.

  3. Select the Accounting Postman Collection files.

  4. The Collections are now ready to use in Postman.

Select Your Request

  1. Click on the Collections tab in Postman to view the imported Accounting collections. The Postman Collection contains common requests you can make to the Accounting API. In this guide, we’ll be requesting Countries INDEX.

  2. Click on Sage Accounting API - Contacts in your Collections sidebar, then open the countries folder.

  3. Click on Returns all Countries.

    Select countries Index in Postman

Authorise API Access

  1. In the Authorization tab, set the Type to OAuth 2.0 and add authorisation data to Request Headers.

  2. Click Get New Access Token.

    Get Access Token in Postman

  3. On the Get New Access Token screen, first enter the callback URL you set when you created your app.

    Get New Access Token

  4. Copy and paste the URLs below into Auth URL and Access Token URL fields.

    Auth URL
    Access Token URL
  5. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret you generated when you created your app.
  6. Set the Scope to full_access and set State to any random value.
  7. Set Client Authentication to Send client credentials in body.
  8. Click Request Token.
  9. You will be taken to the login screen of Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Enter the credentials of the account you’ve already created and click Login.

    Login into Sage Business Cloud Accounting

  10. You will then be prompted to give Postman permission to your Sage Business Cloud Accounting data. Click Allow.

    Authorize Postman app

  11. You now have an access token! Click Use Token.

    Manage access tokens

The access token will be valid for 5 minutes. You will then have to require a new access token as described above. In your own app, you should refresh the token after its expiration, so the user needs to grant access only once.

Making a Request

  1. Click on Send to perform your first API call.
  2. Your response will be shown as a JSON structure. You just made your first request!

    First API Call in Postman

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