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Obtaining a test account

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So that we can provide you with an account for testing the EU VAT Reform changes, we have made a available an environment for our ISVs and API developers. In order to gain access to an account please complete the following form:

EU VAT Environment Request Form

We require the following details to be completed:

  • the best email address to contact you on.
  • the type of Accounting business you wish to test (choose between Start, Accounting Standard & Accounting Plus).
  • the region of the account: CA, DE, ES, FR, GB, IE, US.
  • The test accounts are available on v3.1 of the API only.

  • Please be aware that changes are also being made regularly to this environment as work continues. As such features related to EU VAT reform may not always be available. Whilst we endeavour to maintain the data held in these accounts during deployments, we cannot guarantee it will persist between updates.

  • The EU VAT reform changes come into effect on 1st June 2021 in this environment.

During authentication, and access of this environments app registry you will be required to provide some credentials to our Amazon Web Services hosted environment:

The credentials below will be used to authenticate whilst using this test company:

Username: hxBERa9SKewC
Password: A6_y8*9Tzj

Once your new business has been created, we will email you with the appropriate details:

Next, we’ll access and setup your new business.