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Making Requests

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We recommend the use of Postman as a quick way to get started testing the changes that we’ve had to make due to EU VAT reform.

If you are new to Postman, or would like further help getting started with it please see our guide here.

Changes to URLs

The new EU VAT reform test environment has different URLs required during the authentication process as well as a different base URL used when making your requests.

When selecting the “Get New Access Token” option in postman you will require your client_id, callback_url and client_secret from the new app registry, and also use the following URLs:

  • Auth URL -
  • Access Token URL -

Example Postman Get Access Token screen:

Authentication and application authorization

In order to authenticate, you will use the previously mentioned AWS credentials:

Username: hxBERa9SKewC
Password: A6_y8*9Tzj

However, the first time you go through the authentication process you will be required to grant permission for your application to access the businesses data, and at that point you will be required to enter your Sage ID and password set up during the previous steps.


Once you have successfully authenticated and retrieved a new access token you will need to use the base URL below appending the endpoint you would usually use:

  • Base URL -

Some Example request URLs:

  • Contacts -
  • Sales Invoices -

What’s Next

Now that you are successfully up and running you can see our in-depth guide to all the EU VAT reform changes: