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Sage Network API

Sage Network API SDKs

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The Sage Network provides software development kits (SDKs) for many common programming languages. These SDKs are fully open source, using the MIT license, and are available for integration into your code.

All Sage Network SDKs are updated with each release of the Sage Network SDK.

Language Source Code Package
C# / Dot Net GitHub: lockstep-sdk-csharp Nuget
Java GitHub: lockstep-sdk-java Maven Central
JavaScript / TypeScript GitHub: lockstep-sdk-typescript npm
Python GitHub: lockstep-sdk-python PyPI
Ruby GitHub: lockstep-sdk-ruby Gem
Example Code GitHub: lockstep-sdk-examples All code is available via the MIT license

Environments and Release Cadence

The Sage Network SDK is updated on a two-week cycle. During our development process, we prototype, build, and ship new features to internal development environments and run both automated and manual quality assurance tests. At the end of a two week cycle, we launch a release candidate to the Sandbox environment where developers can experiment with the latest features.

Each release candidate lives in the Sandbox environment for a two week period, during which time we run automated tests. Partners and customers are invited to make use of the Sandbox environment to try out new features and submit issue reports.

Environment Name URL Release Process
Sandbox A new Release Candidate every two weeks
Production Code from Sandbox is sent to Production after the two week window concludes

Collaborative Development

The Sage Network provides a repository of example code in multiple languages. This code is freely licensed, again using the MIT license, and can be freely adapted to your own code.

The Sage Network welcomes your contributions! You can report problems or request features from our software development kits using the GitHub issues page for the repository in question, and you can submit pull requestspull requests and issue reports on our software development kits.

Language Issues Pull Requests
C# / Dot Net GitHub issues GitHub pull requests
Java GitHub issues GitHub pull requests
JavaScript / TypeScript GitHub issues GitHub pull requests
Python GitHub issues GitHub pull requests
Ruby GitHub issues GitHub pull requests
Example Code GitHub issues GitHub pull requests