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Sage Network API


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A SyncSubmitModel represents a task that loads data from a connector to load into the Sage Network. Data contained in a sync will be merged with your existing data. Each record will be matched with existing data inside the Sage Network using the Identity Column rules. Any record that represents a new AppEnrollmentId+ErpKey will be inserted. A record that matches an existing AppEnrollmentId+ErpKey will be updated, but only if the data has changed.

A Sync process permits either a complete data file or a partial / delta data file. Sage Network recommends using a sliding time window to avoid the risk of clock skew errors that might accidentally omit records. Best practice is to run a Sync process daily, and to export all data that has changed in the past 48 hours.

Required Fields



The unique identifier of the app enrollment that is creating this sync request.



A boolean indicating whether a sync from an ERP system should process all the data from the ERP as opposed to just the delta of changes since the previous sync run. For the Demo Data Connector, setting this to True refreshes the data with new dates as opposed to leaving it unchanged.