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Sage Network API


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An API Key is an authentication token that you may use with the Sage Network API. Because API Keys do not have an expiration date, they are well suited for unattended processes. Each API Key is associated with a user, and may be revoked to prevent it from accessing the Sage Network API. When you create an API Key, make sure to save the value in a secure location. Sage Network cannot retrieve an API Key once it is created.

For more information, see API Keys.


The following API methods use this data model.

uuid, read-only

The unique identifier for the API key.


uuid, read-only

The GroupKey uniquely identifies a single Sage Network account. All records for this account will share the same GroupKey value. GroupKey values cannot be changed once created.

For more information, see Accounts and GroupKeys.


string, nullable, read-only

For convenience, a call to createApiKey will contain the name of the environment for this API key, typically SBX or PRD. This can help you distinguish between keys created on the Sandbox environment from those created on Production.


string, nullable, read-only, 0-100 characters

The API key to use for authentication. This will only be returned upon creation of the API key. All other times, this value will be null.

For more information, see API Keys.


string, nullable, read-only, 10-10 characters

The first 10 characters of the API key. This information can be used to ensure that you are looking at the correct API Key, but cannot be used for authentication.


date-time, read-only

The date the API key was created.


uuid, read-only

The user that created the API key.


date-time, nullable, read-only

The date the API key was revoked.


uuid, nullable, read-only

The user who revoked the API key.


date-time, nullable, read-only

The UTC datetime when the API key expires.

Required Fields


string, 1-100 characters

The name of the API key.