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What are web screens?

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Sage 200 has been a Windows desktop application since its creation, but the new Web Portal app allows users to access the Sage 200 client app from a web browser. This gives users the freedom to use Sage 200 from a much wider variety of devices and platforms.

This allows users to do more with Sage 200 such as accessing it remotely whilst in a warehouse performing a stock take or on the road visiting potential customers. The interaction with Sage 200 is more flexible and accessible, with many of the desktop client’s forms already available, and more arriving all the time.

new customer Web screen The new customer Sage 200 Web screen

How do I access the web screens?

You can access the web screens using several methods:

  • In the Sage 200 desktop app for Standard or Professional, select Tools (cog icon) then select ‘Show Web Portal in browser’:

open web portal menu

  • If you are using Sage 200 Standard, you can go directly to the URL of the web portal:

  • For Sage 200 Professional, your URL is site-specific and can be obtained by accessing the cog in the desktop client and choosing ‘Show Web Portal in browser’ (as shown in the image above). This will open a page via your browser and navigate to your site’s Web portal.

What is available?

Currently you can use web screens in the areas listed below, and more are being released all the time.

Customers Suppliers Nominal Cash Book
Customer List Supplier List Nominal List Bank Account List
Create & Amend Accounts Create & Amend Accounts Create & Amend Accounts Enter Transactions
New Customer New Supplier New Nominal Account Sales Receipt
Amend Customer Amend Supplier Amend Nominal Account Purchase Payment
Credit Control Credit Control Nominal Enquiries Sales Payment
Customer Status Supplier Status View Nominal Account Purchase Receipt
Enter Transactions Enter Transactions Nominal Transaction Enquiry Inter Account Transfer
Sales Invoice Purchase Invoice   Bank Account Enquiries
Sales Credit Note Purchase Credit Note   Bank Account Transaction Enquiry
Sales Receipt Purchase Receipt    
Sales Payment Purchase Payment    
Customer Enquiries Supplier Enquiries    
View Customer View Supplier    
Customer Transaction Enquiry Supplier Transaction Enquiry    
Stock Control Sales Orders Settings
Stock List Sales Order List Spooler
Stock Records Sales Orders Organisational and Financial
New Stock Item New Sales Order Couriers
Amend Stock Item Amend Sales Order Web Extensions
Stock Item Suppliers Processing Customers and Suppliers
Stock Item Locations Goods Despatched and Received Customer Defaults and Settings
Enquiries Quotations Supplier Defaults and Settings
View Stock Items New Quotation Stock Control
Stock Item Balances Amend Quotation Locations
Stock Item History Enquiries Invoicing and Sales Orders
Stock Monthly Trading Figures View Sales Order Incoterms
Stock Buying Prices View Quotation Reasons for Export
Enter Transactions Customer Price Enquiry  
Transfer Stock    
Manage Stocktake    
Stocktake Enter Values    

Check out the video below to hear more the Sage 200 Web Portal, and how to use it:

Now that you have a clearer idea of what the web portal and screens are, we will look at the resources you will have available in your development.

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