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  Less than to read

These tutorials aim to help you get up and running quickly by covering key concepts.

We recommend starting with our Quick Start Guide first to get you up and running.


API Methods


  • Actions: An overview of the actions section in the JSON Schema and how to effectively use it.
  • If Statements: Guide on utilising IF statements and understanding the available conditions.
  • Try/Catch: Guide to manage errors effectively and resume your workflow efficiently.
  • Succss & Error Message: Harness the “success_message” and “error_message” Property to Provide Effective Feedback and Communication in Your web screens.
  • No Throw: Information on using “noThrow” for handling API requests.


  • onLoad Event: An in-depth overview of the onLoad event and its implementation.
  • onStateChange Event: An overview of the onStateChange event and its usage.
  • onSubmit Event: A guide on utilising the onSubmit event effectively.
  • onClear Event: Understanding the onClear event and how it can be utilised.