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The apiPutCollection method is used to update a collection of data at the backend API using the data from the Redux store. It is typically used in conjunction with the apiGetCollection method and should be called after invoking apiGetMetadata to ensure the API request is formatted correctly.

When working with a collection of items, the apiPutCollection method allows you to update the entire collection or individual rows based on the changes made in the screen. It requires the collection data to be in an unpacked format with a specified prefix, allowing for seamless binding to the grid or other UI components.

apiPutCollection Parameters

Parameters Description
endpoint The URL for Sage 200 API endpoint that you require (e.g. v1/departments or v1/customers)
key The key under which the collection will be stored in the Redux store.
isEndpoint A boolean flag indicating whether the endpoint supports the PUT method on collections. If set to false, each dirty row will be updated individually.
prefix (Optional) A prefix to separate the data in the Redux store.

apiPutCollection Example

"apiPutCollection": {
  "endpoint": "v1/departments",
  "prefix": "myPrefix",
  "key": "departments"