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The purpose of the childGetMetadata` method is to acquire metadata associated with child objects within a parent object hierarchy. This metadata is essential for comprehensive validation, precise binding to screen controls, and accurate display and manipulation of child object properties within the parent screen context.

Imagine a scenario where you manage supplier information on a main screen, and within this context, you might incorporate a grid tab to showcase a list of suppliers. Despite the absence of a traditional child dialog, the need for child object metadata remains pertinent to ensure the correct functioning of these objects, allowing for effective management and interaction, even beyond dialog-based scenarios.

childGetMetadata Parameters

Parameters Description
child Specifies the object node within the parent screen where the child objects are located.
key The key used to store the child object metadata in the Redux store.
prefix (Optional) A prefix to separate the data in the Redux store.

childGetMetadata Example

"childGetMetadata": {
  "prefix": "myGridPrefix",
  "child": "suppliers",
  "key": "suppliers"