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Schema Examples

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Textbox Complete Example

  • Step-by-step guide for adding a new textbox to the 'New Customer' and 'Amend Customer' screens.
  • Utilising separate onload events to populate the textbox differently on each screen.
  • Leveraging the onStateChange event to customise the properties on the amend customer screen, creating a unique user interface experience compared to the new customer screen.
  • Demonstrating the power of spare_text fields in maximizing the potential of the Sage 200 API without the need to make API calls.

Sales Orders Grid Extension (Special Instruction)

  • Adding specialised components, such as a "Contract Number" textbox as well as expanding an existing table with an "Special Instructions" column.
  • We'll show you how to leverage additional endpoint fields such as "spare_text_1" and "spare_number_1" to enrich your app's functionality.
  • Understand how your app can intelligently enable or disable components based on user actions. We'll demonstrate this feature across different screens.

New Department Screen

  • Utilising the API for standalone custom screens, both for new and amend department screens.
  • Creating a custom BaseSelect for the department.
  • Clearing the screen using the confirmFormDirty function when changing the value of the select.
  • Utilising apiGetMetadata, apiGet, and apiPut for single items without prefixes.
  • Clearing the screen using the resetState function.

Department Dialog

  • Creating a child dialog.
  • Utilising API methods for single items with prefixes.
  • Handling events to ensure that the dialog updates the API independently of the parent screen.

Department Dialog/Grid

  • How to create child dialog.
  • How to use Api methods for collection of items, using prefix to separate redux state
  • How to handle events so that dialog updates API independently of parent form.

Department Tabs

  • How to add tabs, make conditionally visible
  • How to use API methods for single item/collections, with prefix to separate redux state.
  • How to handle events so that tab is updated along with the parent form.
  • Downside: how to handle error from extension even though core form was successful.